Board Staff

Going the Extra Mile!

ACWDB Staff Contacts

Board staff go the extra mile to provide consistent technical assistance to board members, service providers, and employer clients. Board staff ensure that programs are in alignment with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and are also essential in pursuing grant development opportunities.

For more information, please find staff contacts below. Learn more about services for job seekersyouth and young adults, and employers.

Director’s Office/Admin
Rhonda Boykin - Interim Director
(510) 259-3844

Sheroza Haniff
 -Board Secretary
(510) 259-3842

Latoya Reed - Management Analyst 
(510) 259-3833

Jennifer Mitchell - Program Financial Specialist – Finances
(510) 259-3829

Workforce Systems Coordination
David Dias -Career Center Coordinator/System Planner - Adult and Dislocated Workers
(510) 780-8768

Deidra Perry
 - Program Financial Specialist - WIOA Youth Planner - In-School and Out-of-School Youth Services
(510) 259-3827 

Charles Turner - Re-Entry Services Coordinator
(510) 259-3884

Business Services Unit
Javier Contreras - Business Services Specialist and Rapid Response Coordinator 
(510) 259-3831

Carmelo San Mames – Sr. Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

Workforce System Support
Michele Garcia - Workforce Board System Administrator - CalJOBS
(510) 259-3802

Victoria Casaray - Workforce Services Technician
(510) 259-3579

Kate Sooklaris - Account Support Clerk 
(510) 259-3895

Jennifer Victorica
 - Workforce Services Technician
(510) 259-3841 

Alameda County Social Services Agency 
ACWDB's Equal Opportunity Officer
Stephanie Barnes
Client Civil Rights Officer
510-907-0642 (office) (510) 645-9318 (fax)