Employer Resources

COVID-19 Update to Alameda County Businesses and Employers

The Alameda County Workforce Development Board (ACWDB) is here to help point employers in the right direction in mitigating impacts to local businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Information for job seekers is also available to assist those impacted by reduced hours and layoffs: 

  • (NEW) Getting Your Employees Back to Work webinar was hosted by Alameda County Workforce Development Board featuring the California Employers Association (CEA).  In this webinar, businesses can find valuable labor law insights on:
    • Vaccine considerations
    • Steps to approaching restarting operations
    • Wage and hour reminders
    • New 2021 labor laws, including SB95 and Paid Sick Leave

     Access passcode to the webinar: 8.Qk*gxY

  • Employers feel free to listen in on a Labor Law Update 2021 presentation (held on February 18, 2021), that we sponsored in partnership with the California Employers Association, and gain detailed updates on: California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) updates, salary and exempt laws, workers’ compensation, and new COVID-19 reporting requirements. Access Passcode to the presentation: k*rGV#b5

  • We have partnered to bring businesses and employers a FREE hotline to answer some of your most pressing questions about hiring, paid leave, COVID-19 issues and much more! See flyer for details to get answers to your questions today!

For more information about employer and business services, please contact Samantha Miller at: samiller@acgov.org or Javier Contreras at Javier.Contreras@acgov.org.